NMEA Handling


The NMEA Handling window lets you do a number of things with the incoming NMEA data being received from your AIS unit:

1. You can monitor the raw NMEA sentences as they come in. This is useful for troubleshooting your AIS unit. If everything is OK, the data will appear as sentences that begin with !AIVDM.

2. You can save the incoming NMEA data to file for later analysis. Note: AISDetective does not yet provide any special tools for such analysis—maybe it will one day.

3. You can repeat the NMEA in real time to an online vessel tracking service such as MarineTraffic.com. This lets you make your local contribution to these global sites.

The real nerd can also monitor the number of NMEA sentences of each type received over a period of time. The number received from each target is shown in the targets table:

For more information on AIS sentence types see here.

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