Live targets and map


1. Turn AIS and/or GPS on or off.

2. Choose whether to show live targets or historical sightings in the table.

3. Choose whether to show the map view or the photos view as the main view.

4. Look up details of the selected target on the web.

5. Select a target to act as the reference target. Range, bearing and 'closest point of approach' calculations for all other targets are computed relative to the reference target. The reference target may be moving.

6. Choose a colour scheme.

7. In the map view, targets are drawn to scale, coloured according to the selected scheme and rotated according to their heading (if known) or course. If moving, their track, or estimated track, for the last 5 minutes is shown. Click a target to bring up a HUD showing full details about it (see separate screenshot).

8. Zoom out, zoom in, zoom to fit all active targets.

9. Select 'Active' to restrict the table to only the active targets. If deselected, all targets ever seen are listed in the table (but only the active targets are shown on the map).

10. Sort the table using primary and secondary sort keys.

11. Delete the selected target(s). All details are deleted, including photos and historical sightings. The deletion is permanent unless and until the target is seen again in the future.

12. The targets table shows brief details of each target, with a thumbail photo if any photos have been assigned. Tobring up a HUD showing full details about a target, click the red button in its table cell (see separate screenshot).

AISDetective is a Wind Vector product Wind Vector Ltd 2013