• See ships and other AIS targets displayed graphically over free maps from OpenStreetMap.
  • Watch as ships move in real time across the map, with their recent tracks displayed.
  • Zoom in or out to whatever level you like.
  • Assign colour schemes to distinguish targets by type, speed, closeness of approach or recency of signal detection.
  • See detailed live information on any selected target: position, course, speed, size, type, flag, destination, ETA and more.
  • Attach a GPS unit to show your own position on the map.
  • Designate any target, or your own GPS position, as a 'reference' target and see the distance, bearing and closest point of approach of any other target relative to the reference, updated every few seconds.
  • Automatically build up a database of every target you have ever detected. Sort the list by name, length, country or other attribute.
  • Skim through the history of your sightings: recall what vessels were present last week, last month or a year ago and see their then positions on the map.
  • Quickly look up online details and photos of a selected target on sites such as MarineTraffic or Google.
  • Attach one or more photos to any target.
  • Upload the real-time NMEA data being received from your AIS unit to online vessel tracking sites like MarineTraffic.
  • Archive incoming NMEA data to file for future analysis.
  • Choose to read the NMEA data with either our own built-in serial port code or the third-party open-source gpsd.
AISDetective is a Wind Vector product Wind Vector Ltd 2013